Alumni & Friends

Giving Back

Donate Your Time

Medicine Hat College benefits from the input and advice of members of our community through participation on program, community, and special interest advisory committees. Active advisory committees enable MHC to remain competitive and innovative in the development of new and existing programs and courses.

It is expected that the membership of each advisory committee is representative of the respective industry, community and/or specific initiative associated with Medicine Hat College. Representation from related educational institutions (e.g. high school or university), students currently registered in the respective program, and past graduates from the respective program, is also recommended.

You can also connect with students on campus directly by volunteering your time. MHC is always looking for alumni volunteers to help out with special events like Student Orientation, Convocation, Career Fairs, and more.

Be a Class Agent

Help MHC connect with “lost alumni” by contacting former classmates and sharing information about college events with your network of friends.

Be a Voice

Head back to class and share your personal and professional experiences with students who are now in the same position you once were. Advocate for causes and concerns that are relevant to today's student.