Conservatory of Music & Dance

Choral Program

We have choirs for everyone from age five to 95. Choir members develop vocal and choral skills. Singing in choirs also develops musical sensitivity and responsiveness, music literacy, personal motivation, self-discipline, teamwork and an appreciation for a wide variety of choral repertoire. All choirs are actively involved in performing locally and some ensembles perform at provincial, national and international levels.

MHC Children's Choir

The MHC Children's choir is for children ages 5-13 who would like the experience of singing in a choir. New students as well as experienced students are welcome to join and no audition is required. Children will learn proper singing techniques in a variety of styles including folk songs, musical theatre, classical, and pop. The goal of the MHC Children's choir is to foster a love of music in children! The only requirement for the choir is that you love to sing and want to come have fun!

Choral Director  ALICIA BIGRAS, BMus, BEd

Please email Alicia if you have any questions at


Girls' Choir

[ages 12 - 19, audition required] KATIE-ANNE NEMETH

Singers in the Girls’ Choir are given the opportunity to achieve the highest possible artistic standards through the study and performance of quality choral literature while developing musical friendships based on the common pursuit of shared values and goals. Choristers are expected to welcome challenges, share a keen desire to achieve excellence and experience the joy of shared music making.

The Girls’ Choir is also a major performing and touring ensemble. In addition to being active locally, the choir has performed throughout Western Canada, Europe and Asia. Choristers and parents must be willing to commit to an active schedule of rehearsals, workshops, performances and fundraising activities.

The success of the Girls’ Choir would not be possible without the help of the Medicine Hat Choir Parents’ Association. 

Auditions for the Girls’ Choir are held annually in May or June for the following September. Contact the Conservatory office or the director for details.

Medicine Hat Choir Parents’ Association (Girls' Choir)

The choir team is made complete by the support of the Medicine Hat Choir Parents’ Association. This not-for-profit society serves as a vital arm to the choir by:

  • Helping implement the program’s artistic and educational goals,
  • Sharing responsibilities as supporters, organizers and supervisors, and
  • Initiating community and corporate fundraising to support the choir’s activities outside the rehearsal hall.

Adult Concert Choir

[ages 18+, non-auditioned] DIRECTED BY: KATIE-ANNE NEMETH

The goal of the Adult Concert Choir is to prepare and perform a variety of repertoire spanning all time periods, from medieval to modern. Frequently, the choir will learn and perform a large-scale masterwork from the classical repertory. Community concerts are usually held in December and April. Choral Director Katie-Anne Nemeth

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Meet our instructors

Alicia Bigras, conservatory instructor
Alicia Bigras

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Katie-Anne Nemeth, conservatory instructor
Katie-Anne Nemeth

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Bradley van Middelkoop, conservatory instructor
Bradley van Middelkoop (on leave 2018-2019)

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