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Food Sanitation & Hygiene Training (Starts Nov. 2)
Food Sanitation & Hygiene Training instructs managers and food handlers in food service sanitation and food borne illness prevention.

Foundations of Human Resources Series (Starts Nov. 3)
Gain a fundamental overview of human resources management; explore the proven technique of behavioural interviewing; and develop solid skills in building employee engagement through strong relationships with individuals and groups of employees.

Management Skills for Supervisors (Starts Nov. 12)
Being responsible for the effectiveness of others requires a delicate balance of goals, teamwork and encouragement. This program will provide you with skills and knowledge to effectively manage others and maximize productivity.

Project Management Extension Certificate (Starts Nov. 18)
This certificate program provides essential training in the field of project management and is designed to develop introductory project management skills that can be implemented in diverse areas.

Microsoft Office Training
We offer a variety of Microsoft Office training sessions in-class, as well as online. Microsoft Office is one of the most fundamental software programs used in professional settings, it includes MS Word and MS Excel.


Microsoft Excel Series (Starts Oct. 27)
You will discover the basics of creating Excel spreadsheets including editing cell contents, building spreadsheets and creating basic formulas.

Social Media for Business Certificate (Starts Nov. 5)
The unique benefit of social media marketing for small business is that it allows you to talk directly to customers and followers. Learn about social media fundamentals, strategies, branding and analytics.

Mental Health First Aid for Adults Interacting with Youth Training (Starts Nov. 5)
Mental Health First Aid for Adults Who Interact with Youth focuses on mental health problems and first aid for youth ages 12 to 24. This course teaches first aid skills to help someone who is experiencing a mental health problem or crisis.

Customer Service & Sales Skills Certificate (Starts Nov. 6)
This Series of 3 classes will help you learn how to deliver exceptional customer service. By delivering a high level of customer service, you will provide value to your customers and clients throughout the sales cycle.

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