Mental Health & Counselling


Counselling appointments have moved to telephone and skype delivery methods. Students can make an appointment by contacting Marie Wanty or Kelly Mills, or by calling the advising desk at 403.529.3819. Face-to-face counselling appointments are unavailable until further notice and all walk-ins, group sessions and mental health programs at MHC are cancelled for the remainder of the semester.


Looking for additional mental health supports during the COVID-19 pandemic? Check out the online resources below:

Now available on Blackboard!
The mental health and counselling department has shared a resource module on Blackboard that includes information about COVID-19, self-help ideas, coping strategies, and a discussion board.

MHC students can access the modules by:

  • Logging into Blackboard with their account
  • Clicking on Student Supports located in the Organization Catalogue in the lower left corner of the My Institution page
  • Selecting ‘AHealthyPlace_ORG’. From the drop-down arrow, choose enroll and click the submit button on the confirmation page. Once your enrolment is confirmed by a member of the counselling department, you will have access to this resource.


Relaxation & Meditation


Do you know someone in distress? Not sure how to help?
If you know someone who is struggling, please review the following resources to help you identify behaviours of concern and ways to offer support. You can also contact the Student At Risk Support team.

Be There is a free, online educational resource created by Canadian youth mental charity, If a friend finds the courage to reach out to you about their mental health struggles, Be There’s 5 Golden Rules provides a framework for how to support them.


Contact Us

Counselling Services are located with Academic Advising on the main floor of the Centre Core building.

Book Appointment
To book or cancel an appointment, please call 403.529.3819.

Confidential Voice Mail
To leave a confidential voice message for the counsellor, call 403.529.3935.

Brooks Campus
To contact the Student Support Specialist in Brooks, call 403.362.1697.