Office 365


Get Microsoft Office for free.

Did you know that by being a student or employee at Medicine Hat College you are eligible to receive the full Microsoft Office productivity suite at no charge for home use? This includes access to programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote to help you in, and out, of the classroom.

The applications can be installed on up to five compatible PCs and Macs as well as five tablets. By using OneDrive at home you can automatically sync with all of your personal devices.

*Please note that Office 365 must only be installed on personal technology and not on college owned devices.

Things to be aware of with Office 365

Applicable to all users

General Information
  • Office 365 is for personal use only
  • The version of Office 365 is Office 365 Business not University, this is important when referencing instructions on the Microsoft website.
  • The applications are not to be installed on College owned equipment.  College equipment already has the most current version of Office installed.
  • Medicine Hat College does not manage or support Office 365.
    • This is a service provided by Microsoft and we are facilitating the access to it through the and email accounts
    • One Drive
      • Automatic Syncing of One Drive is only enabled for Medicine Hat College owned machines operating on the MHC domain.
      • You must access One Drive through the url
      • This is not monitored or maintained by MHC or the Information Technology Services department.  If a file is deleted or damaged we are not able to restore it.
      • Data security is the responsibility of the user

Applicable to Staff/Faculty

One Drive
  • Sensitive information that is covered under FOIP legislation (including student and employee information) should not be stored
  • Users are able to access documents stored on the College network through the VPN, and edit using the Office package on their personal devices.

Getting Started With Office 365 For Students

Access Microsoft in a few easy steps:

  • Ensure that you have access to your e-mail account.
  • Proceed to and login with your address
  • Select Install Office and then select Office 365 Apps
  • Congratulations! You now have access to the Office 365 product page and can either begin your download or collaborate online
If you are having issues installing Office click here to learn how to download it to your PC and here if you are a MAC user.