Emergency Response

The college is prepared to act on any foreseeable event and has developed a comprehensive plan. The emergency response plan is provided to all senior mangers and is exercised regularly. The college conducts response drills in:

Evacuation: The fire alarm bells mean all users must evacuate the building immediately. Emergency wardens will direct you to the nearest exit and ask that you move away from exit doors and to the assembly areas. Once the nature of the alarm has been found, you will be given further direction using the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS). 

Lockdown: The EBS will give explicit directions in the event an armed intruder is identified on campus. Move out of public areas and behind closed doors immediately. Lock or barricade doors if possible and turn off lights. Remain quiet and in place until released by the police or college authorities.

Shelter in place: The EBS will give directions to move away from windows and external walls in the event of severe weather. Please obey the directions of emergency wardens and the EBS. Remain in sheltered areas until cleared by the EBS.