Crime or Suspicious Activity Reporting

If you witness a crime or suspicious activity, please call Security immediately at 403.529.3911

Safe Walk

Medicine Hat College is committed to providing a safe campus environment. Simply call 403.529.3911, report your location and security will escort you to your destination on campus.

Lost and Found

All found items are to be turned into security, which is located at the front entrance of the Medicine Hat Campus. Those wishing to claim these items should be prepared to describe the item in detail along with where the item was lost. Facility Operations will dispose of all remaining items annually.

Incident Reporting

All incidents resulting in damage or injury to a person, equipment or facilities must be reported to the college using the “Incident reporting” form. Near misses and potential hazards should also be reported in this manner.

Video Surveillance

The college employs a video surveillance system as an adjunct to security patrols. The camera system is in public areas only and does not record audio. Persons entering college facilities consent to having their images recorded for the purposes of security and safety of all users. Video recordings are strictly controlled and only viewed for incident prevention and investigation.

Workplace Violence

Acts of violence by or against members of the college community are considered serious offences. The college is committed to investigating and following up on reported acts of violence. Such acts are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Building and Room Security

It is the registered users or department manager’s responsibility to ensure college rooms and buildings are secure when not in use. Security is available to open doors when required. You must show valid college ID when requesting room access.

After Hours Access

Everyone is requested to inform college security when they are on campus after regularly scheduled hours and on weekends. In the event of an emergency, we need to know "who is where". Please also remember to have your staff ID card with you at all times. If you've forgotten your keys and you need assistance accessing a particular room or your office, please contact the college security. There is a telephone located at the front door. Campus Hours

Parking Enforcement

Parking is enforced from 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Parking Information