Student Employment & Career Centre

Assessment tools and inventories, including the Strong Interest Inventory, and Career Cruising can provide you with insight into which career may be a good fit, and what training and education would be required. If you have made the decision to further your education, our staff can use these tools to assist you in your decision making process. 

Whatever path you choose, make sure your decision is right for you. We all want to make our loved ones happy, but ultimately you need to feel satisfied with your decision.

I’ve registered in my program – what if I decide I don’t like it?

Finding the right program fit is important to your success as a student. In fact, data shows that the number one reason students do not complete their post-secondary studies is program fit. If you don’t think your program is right for you, then you should meet with an academic advisor and the career advisor as soon as possible to discuss your options.

An academic advisor will assess your situation and help you understand what steps are needed to minimize any impact on you, while the career advisor will discuss other career possibilities that may be more suited to your interests.

I’m ready to graduate from my program – how will I find a job?

There are many ways that the Employment and Career Centre can support you as you complete your education. We host numerous employer and recruitment events on campus throughout the year to help highlight career opportunities and companies that may be a good fit for you. Statistics show that networking is the number one way to find a job, so taking advantage of the opportunity to meet with various recruiters and HR personnel when they are on campus is a great start to making some industry contacts. It also allows you some face time to ask them questions about their application process and what you can be doing that will make you stand out as an applicant when you are ready to apply for work.

We also offer resumé and cover letter support to assist you in creating a targeted, customized resumé that emphasizes your qualifications and transferable skills. The biggest mistake that jobseekers make when creating their resumé is not tailoring the information to the job and company they are applying to.

Once your resumé and cover letter are completed, we can help you work on your interview skills by arranging a mock interview for you to participate in. Feeling prepared for a real interview helps you convey confidence to an employer and better articulate why they should consider you for a position.

    There are a wide variety of community services to help you with your career pathways into the work force.

    Medicine Hat

    Medicine Hat Alberta Works Centre
    Lower Level Room #5
    Provincial Building 346-3 Street SE
    Medicine Hat, AB
    Phone: 403-529-3683
    Fax: 403-504-2191

    Being Human Services

    231 - 6th Ave SE
    Medicine Hat, AB
    Phone: 403-580-3338

    Saamis Employment & Training Association
    919 Tractor Avenue SE
    Medicine Hat, AB 
    Phone:  403-504-4056
    Fax:  403-504-4224

    Bow Island


    County of 40 Mile Community Resource Center
    116 North Railway Ave West
    Bow Island, AB
    Phone: 403-545-6222

    Second Location:
    Main Street
    Foremost, AB
    Phone: 403-867-3077


    Brooks Alberta Works Centre

    200, 600 Cassils Road East
    Brooks, AB
    Phone: 403-362-1278
    Fax: 403-793-6595


    Big Country Community Adult Learning Council
    113 - 2 Avenue West
    Box 667
    Oyen, AB
    Phone: 403.664.2060

    Career Services at MHC

    MHC is proud to offer a wide range of services for students, alumni, employers and faculty through our Employment and Career Centre.

    Career Services at MHC
    • Career exploration and advising
      • Meet with a career advisor to learn how to align your interests to potential career pathways through programming at MHC.
    • Online job board
      • Includes job postings for employment outside of MHC. This site is updated daily and features career and general help job postings from all industries and geographical regions. View here.
    • Career and job fairs
      • MHC Career Expo- This event is designed to highlight career pathways related to programming at the college.
      • MHC Spring Job Fair- Feb. 24, 2016. This event is designed to help job seekers find employment.
    • Job search assistance
      • Information interviews
      • Networking and cold calling
      • Resume and cover letters
      • References
      • Interview skills
      • Portfolios
    • In-class workshops
      • For faculty – we have a wide variety of presentations that we can customize to your curriculum and student needs, contact us for more information.
    • Employer info sessions
      • Throughout the year we host employers on campus to promote their career opportunities. This gives you a chance to connect with recruiters and ask questions about the industry and job opportunities. Upcoming visits are advertised on the student employment webpage and online job board.

    Career Services for Employers

    • MHC Career Expo - TBD
      This event is designed to highlight career pathways related to the programs at the college.
    • MHC Spring Job Fair – February 15, 2017
      This event is designed to help job seekers find employment.
    • Online Job Board