Parking Services

MHC enforces a pay parking policy for all vehicles parked on the Medicine Hat campus. A parking permit is required for all vehicles parked on the Medicine Hat campus between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays.

The goal of all enforcement activities on campus is to ensure the fair and equitable access to parking for all users. Every effort will be made to educate and warn users of parking and traffic regulations. While permits are only required Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., all other parking regulations (handicap stalls, parking in roadways, etc.) are enforced at all times.

While the college strives to provide as many parking spaces as possible, there are times when demand exceeds availability. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note:

  • During times of construction, maintenance and special events, it may be necessary to reduce parking availability.
  • Student residence parking permits are not valid in parking lots on campus.
  • Security must be notified if you wish to park on campus for extended periods of time or overnight.
  • Bicycle parking is restricted to the racks provided. Bike storage lockers are available through Facility Operations.
  • Parking permits are not required at Brooks campus.
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Parking Lots & Rates
All parking lots on campus are designated “Open” with the exception of  the following “Plug-in” locations:

  • South lot near the B Wing entrance
  • North lot near E Wing
  • Cultural Centre (designated stalls only)

Plug-in permits are valid in Plug-in designated lots and stalls only. MHC is committed to energy conservation; the parking lots are subject to load shedding and cycling which means power is not on all day.

2020-2021 Rates

  • Annual Plug-in: $333/year
  • Annual Open: $229/year
  • Monthly Open: $25/month





“Pay and Display” / Daily Parking
Available to anyone driving on campus without a permit and will only allow parking in Open parking lots. Permits can be purchased by the hour at a rate of $1.00/hour or for the full day at a rate of $4.00/day. These permits are available through the permit dispensers located on parking lots around campus. The permit dispensers accept coins only and do not dispense change. If a dispenser is malfunctioning, please contact security immediately at 529-3911. Daily permits are also for sale in the college bookstore. 



Residence Parking
These permits are available to students living in residence and entitle the holder to a stall in residence parking lots only. These permits are accessed through Student Development. Students wishing to park in any other lot(s) are required to purchase an appropriate permit.



Parking for People with Disabilities
MHC offers parking spaces restricted for people with physical disabilities. A vehicle parked in a handicap designated spot will require a valid Alberta Motor Vehicle Handicap Permit and a valid Medicine Hat College permit to park in these stalls. “Pay and Display” ticket meters nearest these stalls have barrier-free access.



Complimentary Parking
Permits are available for those individuals providing services to the college at no charge or at a reduced rate (e.g. volunteers, conference speakers). Permits must be requested by the department managing the service to be provided. Permits are usually issued for a maximum period of 10 business days. Application for a complimentary parking permit is made through Campus Security.

Complimentary parking may be provided to individuals performing ongoing volunteer work at the college (e.g. Board of Governors, unpaid coaches, etc.). Application for special complimentary parking consideration is made through Parking Services (Campus Security). Such applications require the joint approval of Parking Services and Facility Operations.



Contractor Parking
Contractors visiting the campus can access a temporary Contractor Parking Permit at the Facility Operations office. As required by the work, contractors may be permitted to park in restricted areas while performing work.



Drop-off and Short-term Parking Zones
Drop-off/pick-up zones at the main building and the Cultural Centre are not to be used for parking; therefore, drivers in these zones must not leave their vehicle. If you are required to leave your vehicle for a short period of time, 20 minute short-term parking areas are available at the main building and Cultural Centre to allow users to drop off and/or pick-up items at the college. These zones are strictly enforced.



Motorcycle Parking
Users wishing to park a motorcycle on campus may purchase a parking permit and park the motorcycle in the corresponding lot type.  (e.g. Open parking or Plug-in parking lot) Because the permit cannot be securely displayed on the motorcycle, these users are required to register the motorcycle license plate and permit number with Campus Security to avoid a parking citation.

Permit Purchases
  • Daily, monthly, and annual permits are sold at the college bookstore.
  • Daily permits can also be purchased at permit dispensing stations in various locations on the campus site.
  • Refer to the Complimentary Permits section for information on the acquisition of complimentary permits.

Personal information (name, phone number, email address) is collected at the time of purchase under the authority of section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This information will be used for the purpose of managing the parking permit and enforcement activities only.

Permit Rates
Parking rates are set annually.

Permit Refunds
Parking permits may be refunded for 50% of the initial purchase value, minus a $10 administration fee, if there is greater than 50% of the permit duration remaining. No refunds are available for permits purchased for one month or less. No refunds are available for “Annual” permits with less than 50% remaining.

Lost, stolen or damaged parking permits
Lost, stolen or damaged parking permits will only be replaced when it can be demonstrated unequivocally by the permit holder to the Manager, Health & Safety, that such loss/damage was genuine. All such losses of permits must be reported immediately, in person, to Campus Security. The permit holder will be required to sign statements explaining the circumstances attending any such losses. A fee of $20.00 will be levied for replacement permits. All lost / stolen permits will be voided and become invalid. Use of a lost or stolen permit shall be considered fraud and reported to the police.

Forgotten Permits
Users that have left their permits in the other vehicle may report to security upon arrival to receive a complimentary day permit.  License plate and vehicle description is required.  Failure to display a valid permit will result in a parking violation fine.

There are three options for payment of a parking ticket/citation as follows:

  1. Pay the ticket.
    Refer to the back of the ticket for complete details.
  2. Appeal the ticket with Medicine Hat College
    Extenuating circumstances can be addressed with the Campus Security Supervisor within 48 hours of receiving the ticket.
  3. Appeal the ticket with Medicine Hat Police Services
    Tickets must be appealed within 14 days of the issue date. Appeals can be submitted on line at or in person at the Medicine Hat Police Station, 884 2nd Street SE. Details provided on the back of the ticket.

Towing of a vehicle from the campus shall only be used as a last resort when all other avenues for resolution of a violation have been exhausted. 

Towing services will be provided by a private vendor and vehicles removed to a compound off campus.  

Towing fines will be levied as per the vendor’s fee structure. Owners will be responsible to claim their own vehicles and pay the charges.  

The violations resulting in towing include, but are not limited to: parking in the following designated:roadways, crosswalks, loading zones, grassed areas, sidewalks, curbs, on parking bumpers, handicap spaces, barricaded areas, or in any manner which obstructs the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

In residential areas close to the college, municipal parking restrictions apply.  Students and employees are responsible to make themselves aware of any municipal restrictions and abide by all applicable bylaws. Vehicles parked in restricted areas are subject to being ticketed and/or towed.
Fees for parking permits are charged for parking space only. MHC does not take custody of vehicles and assumes no responsibility for loss of a vehicle or its contents, due to damage, fire, theft, collision or other hazards. MHC shall not be responsible for loss or damage to a vehicle or its contents resulting from the actions or inaction of college personnel or contractors. Therefore, any motor vehicle parked, operated or driven on the campus shall be solely at the risk of the owner and operator. To limit you risk of loss, lock your vehicle at all times and don't leave valuables in your vehicle.

The following regulations apply to parking at Medicine Hat College:

  1. Disabled Parking: Medicine Hat College has designated parking spaces for the use of those drivers displaying a valid “disabled” placard. These users must still purchase MHC parking permits but may use designated spaces.
  2. Vehicles in pedestrian areas: no person shall drive, operate, stop, or park a vehicle off a roadway unless it is a service vehicle which has received the written permission from the Director, Facility Operations. In giving such permission, the Director may impose appropriate terms and conditions.
  3. Directions of traffic control device: no person shall drive, operate, stop, or park a vehicle in a manner inconsistent with the directions of a traffic control device (signs, barriers, cones), except where directed otherwise by a Parking Enforcement Officer.
  4. Directions of Parking Enforcement Officer: every person shall obey the directions of a parking enforcement officer in respect of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and parking.
  5. Motor vehicle in service area: no person shall stop, or park a motor vehicle, other than a service vehicle in the discharge of his duties, in a service area for a period exceeding 20 minutes or with a valid Contractor’s parking permit.
  6. Nuisance: no person shall drive, operate, stop, or park a vehicle in a manner that constitutes a nuisance to other users (ie. loud noise).
  7. Permit parking locations: parking is only permitted in designated parking lots.Parking in lots without the correct corresponding permit type is not allowed.
  8. Improper parking: in a parking lot, a person must park a vehicle completely within the yellow lines or other markings or barriers describing a parking space and shall not stop or park a vehicle in any way that restricts the free flow of traffic or the movement of emergency vehicles.
  9. Parking bicycles: no person shall park a bicycle in an area not designated for parking of such vehicles.Bicycles are not permitted within college facilities and shall not be secured to devices not designed for this purpose.
  10. Parking motorcycles: no person shall park a motorcycle on campus without a valid permit. The motorcycle license plate number and the permit number must be registered with Campus Security to avoid a parking citation.
  11. Parking of trailers: no person shall park a trailer except with written permission from and subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the Director, Facility Operations.
  12. Changing licence plate to avoid payment: no person shall change, or cause to be changed, the licence plate of a motor vehicle for the purpose of avoiding paying fees, penalties or any other amount owed to MHC.
  13. Drop-off / Pick-up areas: no person shall park in drop-off / pick-up zones; these areas designed to allow drop off or pick up of pedestrians only.Vehicles must not be left unattended.
  14. Building entrances and roadways: all building entrances and roadways are designated as “no parking” areas. Vehicles must not be left unattended.
  15. Overnight Parking: no person shall park a vehicle overnight on college property, excluding Student Residence. College users requiring overnight parking must notify Campus Security in advance of leaving a vehicle overnight.Holders of valid residence parking permits may park in residence lots only.
  16. Abandoned Vehicles: a vehicle shall be deemed as abandoned if it remains on campus; in inoperative condition; is without a valid government issued licence plate; or for more than 24 hours without notifying MHC Campus Security.
  17. Permits: a valid permit is required to be displayed in the front window of all vehicles parked on Medicine Hat College property.
  18. Tampering with a Traffic Control Device: no traffic control device may be altered, moved or damaged. (i.e. barriers, signs, cones.)
  19. Idling Vehicles: no vehicle shall idle for a period exceeding five minutes.
  20. Speed limit: no person shall drive or operate a vehicle at a greater rate of speed than 30 km/hr on college roadways.  
  21. Lunch Time Parking: Parking without a permit between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, is restricted to “Open” parking areas.
The Director, Facility Operations may implement additional traffic or parking directions or restrictions for emergencies, special events, construction and similar situations affecting traffic or parking.  

Violation of parking regulations may result in receipt of a City of Medicine Hat Police Service citation. Further, those violating the parking policy, procedures and regulations may be subject to disciplinary action, termination, expulsion, etc. as appropriate.

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For more information about parking services, please contact:

Campus Security
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