Global Engagement

The global community is a vital part of Medicine Hat College.  The college's international activity is guided by the philosophy that education and learning is greatly enhanced by an understanding of different cultures, languages and peoples. By incorporating a global focus in its programming, serving a diverse range of Canadian and international students, and providing opportunities for work and study abroad, the college aims to provide all learners with opportunities to develop the skills and attitudes required to function successfully in an interconnected global society, world, and economy.

International Education Week

Each November, Medicine Hat College celebrates International Education Week to highlight educational programs and activities with an international component. Events will include presentations on global topics, activities to highlight education abroad and an international education and culture showcase, as well as other activities through the week.

View 2019 schedule of events

Raising the Curtain

A city-wide event held in March of each year, Raising the Curtain celebrates Medicine Hat’s diversity. Join us at MHC for events and activities which highlight and embrace the College’s diverse community of students, faculty and staff.

International Education Ambassador Program

International Education Ambassadors volunteer with International Education and Diversity to support international education activities and programs, supporting and learning from international students at MHC and promoting cultural awareness and global experiences. The program is open to all MHC students. Contact or to apply.

Intercultural Development Inventory

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) assesses intercultural competence—the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behaviour to cultural differences and commonalities. Intercultural competence has been identified as a critical capability in a number of studies focusing on overseas effectiveness of international sojourners, international business adaptation and job performance, international student adjustment, international transfer of technology and information, international study abroad, and inter-ethnic relations within nations.

The IDI and accompanying intercultural development training in available to staff, faculty and students at MHC. Contact Hadija Drummond for more information.

Education Abroad

MHC has partnerships with more than twenty post-secondary institutions in nine countries. These partnerships provide opportunities for our students to study abroad as exchange students. Visit our Education Abroad page to learn about opportunities for MHC students with our international partners.

Certificate in Global and Intercultural Studies

Open to students enrolled in a program of study at MHC, the Global and Intercultural Studies certificate program recognizes the global and intercultural awareness, knowledge and understanding acquired through targeted coursework and educational experiences at MHC. This embedded certificate if intended to be completed in conjunction with other coursework at MHC.

Global and intercultural studies include:

  • developing awareness of international and intercultural issues, and the ability to analyze these issues from different perspectives
  • developing appreciation and respect for varying cultural perspectives and behavioral norms
  • gaining experience in multicultural environments and the ability to adapt to unfamiliar environments
  • improving ability to communicate effectively across cultures

Program and graduation requirements:

  1. Complete fifteen credits in coursework towards the certificate with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and no grade lower than C (see MHC’s Academic Calendar for course list)
  2. Complete intercultural development training and a documented intercultural or study abroad experience, facilitated by MHC International Education, to include:
  • Intercultural Development Inventory® assessment and individual debrief
  • Intercultural development training of three hours or more (offered by International Education)
  • Intercultural experience with reflection exercises and interviews:
    • Study abroad experience of two weeks or more or
    • Documented intercultural experience of 25 hours or more, facilitated by International Education

Contact for more information. See MHC's academic calendar for full program description and requirements.

International Engagement Opportunities for Faculty

In many cases, MHC’s international partnerships, as well as providing education abroad opportunities for students, also provide opportunities for global engagement for faculty. If you are interested in learning more about any of these programs, contact Nicole at or Hadija at or view International Education and Diversity’s source page for details of specific opportunities.