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Thanks MRU!

"On Campus" by Dr. Ralph Weeks

November 10, 2011

As seen in the Medicine Hat News

Thanks Mount Royal University!

When we signed our new agreement on Monday to offer the MRU bachelor of business degree on campus, right here in Medicine Hat, we ushered in new opportunities for students and a new structure for degree partnerships. These are both significant steps for your college, and I believe we should all look to Mount Royal University with gratitude.

Students always come first, so let’s start there.

This degree completion opportunity allows students who complete our business administration diploma to transfer two full years of credit directly to the degree. That kind of flexibility is great for a student who might enter our diploma program uncertain if immediate employment after graduation, or continuing to a degree, will be their best option.

That isn’t the only benefit, of course. I’ve said before in this column that most students thrive when they study in a supportive environment, and what could be better that continuing your education in the community you call home? Family and friends often provide moral support and guidance for students that can make all the difference when the stresses of post-secondary education add up.

The student family also wins. As parents, we know it can be tough to see a young student leave home and face the challenges, and expenses, of an education elsewhere. Completing on campus a degree in business – or other areas including nursing, education, social work, ecotourism, visual communications, and professional arts – keeps families together and reduces the cost of education.

Looking to the future, we can be certain that many of people who graduate from on-campus programs will add their energy and intellect to our community.

Mount Royal also deserves credit for their collaborative approach to serving students. I’m heartened that they have worked with us to create an agreement that ensures program quality is foremost, that access to education is increased, and at the same time provides an equitable business structure in the background.

These concepts, putting students first and working collaboratively, are strong components of Campus Alberta, a framework to which all Alberta colleges and university ascribe. It is obvious to me that Mount Royal University is fast becoming a visionary leader in the province, and I’m proud that your college is the first to enter a formal partnership with that school.

In a short while, details about the degree and curriculum will be posted to our web site. In the mean time, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please visit us online at