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"On Campus" by Dr. Ralph Weeks

November 24, 2011

As seen in the Medicine Hat News

I’m writing in a hurry this week, knowing that as this column is published I’ll be overseas attending to our many international student ventures in Asia.

While our international work is valuable, I regret that my travel plans take me away while we celebrate, on November 22 and 23, the generosity of individuals and businesses behind the many scholarships and bursaries provided on campus. I’m often struck by the generosity of these people, and know well the incredible impact that these contributions have in the lives of students.

The words of our students likely have more impact than my own, so I’d like to share some quotes from the hundreds of letters recipients sent to award donors this year.

One student writes, “I am aware that the goals I have set are not easy, nor inexpensive, but thanks to the generosity of people like you, and some hard work and dedication on my part, I hope to one day achieve my goals.”

Another offers recognition that our donors offer resources based on their values. “I have a great belief in education, and knowing that other people who feel the same, and want to help, makes me even more grateful.”

Simple gratitude is a common theme in many letters. “This scholarship makes it that much easier to achieve my very best and reach my goals…thank you!” Yet another student appreciates the motivation provided by the support of others, “Getting a scholarship makes me confident about my future and pushes me to always do my best.”

The last quote I’ll offer comes from a hopeful business person looking to the future. “For a college graduate and young entrepreneur, establishing start-up capital is without a doubt the most difficult part of the process. I hope to use this scholarship to establish and legitimize my business with necessary institutions.”

I’m not sure there’s much more to say; their words seem to say it all.

This community reaches into their values and wallets to offer support that motivates, encourages and rewards the initiatives of our students. It is rewarding to be part of this educational ecosystem, and to see every day the difference made by generous and thoughtful donors.

One group of donors I’d like to note this year know well the challenges faced by students. Our employees have grouped together in the past year through ‘Project 50-50’ and their contributions are now generating a student award of about $600 every month. That’s 12 new student awards every year.

The generosity of our community is wonderful. The support of our employees is appreciated. Perhaps even better, students are the focal point of all of our efforts. That makes our future look bright.

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