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"On Campus" by Dr. Ralph Weeks

May 4, 2012

As seen in the Medicine Hat News


If you ask a college graduate what they’re doing now that classes are over, you might expect to hear an answer like, “I’m looking for work.”

That set of words is familiar to many of us. We went to school and then we went job hunting.

However, there’s a new breed of Medicine Hat College student who might be inclined to answer your question by saying, “I’m looking for an opportunity.”

On campus, the students most likely to be talking about building their own opportunities are those who have come into contact with our Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC). I’ve talked about the EDC before, but it comes to mind again because some hard working students will learn this week if their summer business plans will be rewarded with the resources they need to launch a business.

The funds I’m talking about are a unique feature of the summer company program offered by the EDC. Made possible by a donation from JMH & Co., we’re able to offer grants of up to $10,000 in start-up money – in addition to training, mentorship and support – to help bring a student’s business plan to life.

More than one student entrepreneur at this week’s event was pleasantly surprised with a grant exceeding their hopes.  And I’m told that another of the student business leaders is so eager for business success that they can hardly wait until they complete their education.

It is no small task for any small business to launch and it is no exception for those competing for start-up funds here. By the time funds are awarded, a great deal of time and effort will have been devoted to building a business plan based on solid research and critical thought.

My hope is that these students, and more in the future, will discover that combining education and personal drive leads to business success. Our community will certainly benefit too as these small enterprises generate jobs and help stimulate economic activity.

Considering the vital role that entrepreneurship and small business play in our economy, I’m pleased to see the success of the EDC and the interest of corporate partners like JMH & Co. and the Royal Bank Foundation.

I’m even more pleased that more and more students are turning to the EDC to advance their careers. Medicine Hat College is justifiably proud of these young entrepreneurs and their visions of business success.

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