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City, college make good partners

January 30, 2014
Written by Mark Keller, director of college advancement
Featured in"On Campus" in the Medicine Hat News

It seems to me that Medicine Hat is in the mood to think positively and strive to build the next iteration of an already strong community.

Like many in the city I’ve had the opportunity to hear our new mayor speak about the community and the challenges and opportunities ahead. And like many I’m struck by a unique and refreshing style coupled with unabashed enthusiasm for the community and the promise it holds.

At a recent state-of-the-city address the mayor unveiled a video that blends images of past and present over a fast-paced, rocking tune that speaks to the promise of this community. That was a fitting introduction to a speech that was anything but stuffy and traditional. We learned about the city’s work in alternative energy, plans for development of long un-developed lots, concepts about supporting tourism, and much more.

I found the mayor’s enthusiasm to be infectious.

This is a unique place. The community has many leaders – both formal and informal – who have the talent and drive to make the most of the opportunities we have. We have good reason to be proud of the past, but the time is right to focus on the future.

The fact is, I could use exactly the same lines to describe the college today. Around every corner there are people working for the moment while planning and dreaming for tomorrow. We know the more we align our thinking and actions to the world outside our doors, the more effective we’ll be.

So I hope the mayor isn’t surprised when Medicine Hat College knocks on his door very soon.

We’d really like to renew conversations about aligning the energy of the college and city in ways that support the emergence of a “community of choice,” to use the mayor’s own words.

That’s because we’re quite convinced that a ‘college of choice’ will continue to be an anchor tenant in the future of the community and the region.

Working together we can find ways of ensuring the opportunities we provide are in step with the emerging needs of the community and the broader region. Quite simply, collaboration is the best way to go.

When thoughts of the college and community cross your mind, feel free to share them with me. or @mark_mhc on Twitter.

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