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Enactus MHC raises funds to break through the digital divide in Ethiopia

October 6, 2014

Enactus Medicine Hat College (MHC) has partnered with Canadian Humanitarian to raise funds, which will be put towards purchasing new technology as well as training students in Ethiopia on how to use it.  The group is doing this through a crowd-funding campaign on The platform allows the students to accept all donations, as there is no minimum set.

Aaron Hoimyr and Chelsie Jeal, members of Enactus MHC and co-leads of this project, explain that currently the group hopes to raise $15,000 which will be put towards buying tablets, and training the first 50 students at the centre.

When asked why the focus was on technology versus raising money for essentials like clothing and shelter, Hoimyr explains about the digital divide theory. “Essentially, it’s a theory that states that the thing that is holding a lot of third world countries back from being competitive and industrializing is their lack of access to technology.”

Hoimyr goes on to explain that due to this divide it is hard for these areas to remain relevant globally, which is one of the reasons why they’re stuck in a cycle of poverty.  

The project has been broken down into four stages:

  1. Introduce students to modern computer and software technology.
  2. Educate and cultivate computer-programming skills among students.
  3. Educate students in the subject of business and entrepreneurial skills.
  4. Encourage and aid students in pursuing either a business venture or a post- secondary education.

The first Ethiopians benefiting from this program are in grade 3. Enactus MHC then plans to continue with these students all the way to grade 12.

“With a longitudinal program like this, they get to grow with us, which is really exciting,” says Jeal. “It becomes less of a project and more of a lifestyle. To have that impact on anyone’s life, much less 50 children is a very exciting opportunity.”

The students encourage anyone interested in donating to visit Updates will as well be posted on the site.

If you are interested in learning more about Enactus MHC visit

The MHC chapter is currently accepting new members; anyone interested in getting involved should contact Aaron Hoimyr at 403.928.1199, or visit their Facebook and Twitter accounts for more details.