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MHC’s library receives high marks in resource sharing evaluation

March 14, 2014

Recently the Medicine Hat College’s (MHC) Vera Bracken Library received a certificate recognizing their participation in the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative (RRSI); an initiative that provides libraries, around the world, an opportunity to review and reflect on the policies and processes that guide their resource sharing services.

MHC received a mark of 70% after filling out the STAR checklist which is part of the RRSI evaluation process. The checklist is designed to be aggressive and challenge participants to rethink their interlibrary services.

Valarie Westers, interlibrary loans/information services technician with MHC explained that the library is proud to be participating in this initiative as it enables them to continue to show their dedication to providing the highest level of service.

“The checklist gave us an opportunity to take a look at what services we are currently providing and where we could improve,” said Westers. “Our team has been developing best practices and will continue to do so. We anticipate that through the spring and summer as we launch a new interlibrary system we will be able to increase our current rating.”

Resource sharing, also known as an interlibrary loan, is a service in which one library can borrow books, articles or audiovisuals that are owned by another institution. MHC’s interlibrary loan service is extended to all college patrons including students, staff, faculty and community borrowers. MHC’s library is connected to thousands of libraries globally.

If you are interested in learning more about the STAR Checklist we encourage you to explore the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative’s website.