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Methanex donates $25,000 to the college

February 5, 2014

Investing in education and supporting tomorrow’s workforce, Methanex Corporation recently donated $25,000 to Medicine Hat College (MHC). The pledge will be split between supporting the power engineering students with two academic scholarships, and providing program enhancements for the welding and steamfitter/pipefitter curriculum.

Paul Daoust, plant manager at Methanex, highlighted the fact that Medicine Hat College provides students access to a solid technical education, mentorship and experienced leaders within the community and that this donation is one way in which the company supports and gives back to that learning environment.  

“With such a significant need for skilled trades workers in Alberta, it’s a priority for Methanex to invest in developing highly sought after people that are engaged and successful,” said Daoust. “Our commitment to the college supports a strong educational program and supports upcoming men and women to meet the needs of industry and, hopefully, the needs of Methanex as well.”  

Normand Arseneault, coordinator for the power engineering technology program mentioned that the contribution will continue to help motivate students.

“We have graduates that move on and go to work for local companies like Methanex. Their investment into the college says something about our programs - that they are important and that they are looking to us when seeking qualified employees,” said Arseneault.  “We thank them for that support.”

Joel Gingrich, manager of the trades department at MHC also explained that the money targeted in particular to program enhancements is a way to ensure that students are given access to the right equipment, technology, and instructional materials to graduate with advanced skills and capabilities.

Methanex is the world’s largest supplier of methanol to markets in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. In addition to the plant in Medicine Hat, Methanex has manufacturing facilities in New Zealand, Trinidad, Egypt and Chile, and they are in the process of adding two plants in Louisiana. Globally, there are approximately 1,000 employees.

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