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On Campus: Eye Opening

July 31, 2014

Written by Mark Keller, director of college advancement
Featured in"On Campus" in the Medicine Hat News

I’d appreciate your help with something.

I really need to tell the world about the absolutely fantastic facilities that will soon be available to visual communications students at Medicine Hat College. If you’re willing to brag about the great opportunities in your community, my suggestion for the conversation is something like this:

You: “Hey, are you interested in developing a career in art, design and visual communications?”

Them: “Yup.”

You: “Do you have any idea how awesome our college’s new facilities are?”

Them: “Nope.”

You: “Well, our college has invested about $7 million in facilities and spaces that are going to be awesome for students and the program. Make sure you tell every aspiring artist, designer, and forward thinking communications specialist you know. Opportunities for learning in Medicine Hat are getting even better!”

To be fair, it’s completely reasonable to encounter people who aren’t yet aware of the renovations and additions to the Cultural Centre. The finishing touches are still being added, and the official opening, scheduled for September 18, is yet to happen.

But when you do get the opportunity to visit, I promise you an eye-opening experience.

Let’s start with the gallery. It is a stunning, open space with high ceilings and hardwood floors that will be the perfect setting to showcase student, faculty and community art. There are plans to bring traveling shows, too.

The student spaces are also amazing. Those in the third year will be assigned individual studios complete with desk and lockable storage providing an ideal venue for those long hours completing assignments. There are also beautiful class, studio and common spaces for all students, as well as a purpose-built lighting studio for photo and videography.

So far I’ve only mentioned the facilities at the west end of the building. To the east, students will find dedicated sculpture and print studios that are big, bright and beautiful.

And between the two ends, the Cultural Center is a hive of visual and performing arts with the college’s own Conservatory of Music and Dance, as well as the many community groups and associations that are such a strong part of regional culture.

I had a walk through the new facilities today, planning for the official opening in September, and I came away impressed and excited. The future holds new opportunity, collaboration and synergy on many levels.

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