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MHC seeks new Business Person of the Year

January 11, 2016

Nominations for Medicine Hat College’s (MHC) 2016 Business Person of the Year Award are now open until January 29, 2016.

The selection committee is seeking individuals that reside or operate a business in the region; demonstrate resiliency, character and integrity; display substantiated experience as an established future-focused business; and are involved in the community.

“We always look forward to announcing the new Business Person of the Year Award recipient at our annual Connecting Students to Business Dinner. The stories and the journey that these individuals share are inspiring for our students, and remind us of the innovative leaders we have in our region,” says Darren Howes, department chair for the Division of Business & Enterprise and member of the selection committee.

Howes explains that the committee has refreshed their process to make it easier for the community to submit nominations. Their hope is that by taking a simplified approach, they will increase the number of nominees.

“We’ve had a number of great leaders accept this award in the past, all with diverse backgrounds in areas like real estate, franchise ownership and agriculture,” says Howes. “We are hopeful that we will continue to highlight our local success stories as well as show our students the exciting career paths that are offered when you pursue an education in business.”

To download the application or to fill in the online form visit