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Medalta & MHC offer new ceramics & 3D workshop

May 20, 2015

Medalta and Medicine Hat College (MHC) are partnering to offer Bits to Atoms- the Art of 3D Modelling from July 20 to 29, 2015.

This ten day intensive workshop integrates the world of ceramics with the new digital movement. Participants will be introduced to a sampling of digital rendering programs, 3D scanning, printing, mold-making, slip casting and firing.

James Kuehn, instructor at MHC explains that the workshop is not only unique to the region but also to North America and is sure to attract a “hybrid of people”.

“We are merging 30,000 years of ceramic technology with emerging digital tools. We don’t know if we are getting ceramic artists, graphic designers or individuals who are new to either art- either way we will be ready to accommodate their learning needs,” says Kuehn.

The course will be divided into two components. The digital aspect will take place at MHC and will provide participants access to the 3D printer. They will then be provided an opportunity to use Medalta’s contemporary ceramic arts studios where will they will learn the process of making plaster molds from their 3D printed models.

Kuehn explains that the college is excited to work with Medalta and sees this as a culturally significant partnership.

“Community partnerships need to be fostered, so we can develop as a region, not in isolation. This workshop has already received interest throughout Canada and across the border to the United States,” says Kuehn. “This workshop is much bigger than the college and Medalta, it’s really helping to position southern Alberta as a desired destination where state-of-the-art design and thinking is taking place.”

Courtesy of Medalta