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Power engineering students receive award

June 12, 2015

If the PanGlobal National Power Engineering Student Awards were the Olympic Games, Medicine Hat College (MHC) would have finished on the podium two years in a row. This awards program recognizes top students from across the country based on a combination of their school grades and standardized power engineer examinations results.

The most recent winners were announced earlier this year and will be recognized for the first time nationally in Newfoundland later this week at the Inter-Provincial Power Engineering Curriculum Committee annual meeting.

Joel Myers received the second highest combined mark nationally for power engineering third class, while fellow MHC student Stefan Florchuk received honorable mention in the same category for having the third highest marks in the country.

In the previous year, the gold and silver went to MHC students Darren Nagel and Neil Hayes who held the first and second highest marks respectively.

 “The success of Medicine Hat College alumni on a national stage reflects the quality of the power engineering program and its students, instructors, facilities and industry partners,” said Joel Gingrich, interim dean of business and enterprise at MHC.

“We are extremely proud of our students and our program and are grateful for this national recognition by PanGlobal.”

PanGlobal Training Systems is owned by three colleges in Alberta and British Columbia and works to design and deliver educational materials to the power engineering industry across North America and around the world.