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Entrepreneurs at MHC provided a year of free office space and mentorship thanks to new partnership

April 21, 2016

Students enrolled in the Entrepreneur Development Centre’s (EDC) Summer Company program at Medicine Hat College (MHC) will now have access to services valued up to $10,000 per student thanks to an in-kind contribution from Compass at Invest Medicine Hat. 

The services will be provided to students for a year and include: access to mentorship, networking opportunities and a membership to Compass, a collaborative workspace. The membership will provide entrepreneurs 24/7 access to the facilities including office space, meeting and board rooms as well as free Wi-Fi, coffee, and mail service.

“We anticipate this partnership will boost the success of our student entrepreneurs. These students are not only building their business but also their professional networks. This collaborative space will help make those connections and make that transition easier,” says Tracy Stroud, manager of business development at MHC.

Funded by JMH & Co., the college’s Summer Company program helps students start a business by offering coaching and mentorship, while also facilitating access to finances and support services. The partnership with Compass will enhance the students’ experience and extend their support beyond the summer term.

"We're super excited about this collaboration. We're looking forward to hearing all of the questions and ideas these early stage entrepreneurs are bound to have,” says Jon Sookocheff, community builder at Compass. “We can't wait to see how the Compass co-working community builds on what the students bring to the table. It's going to be an amazing partnership."

Stroud explains that the college is thankful for community partners like Compass who are willing to share their expertise and support students. 

“Our students have great ideas, are ambitious and have an entrepreneurial drive that we feel will make them successful. To now be able to add ongoing access to networks, guidance and assistance on easing start-up challenges is of great value,” says Stroud.

Value that is both beneficial for the students and local economy. 

"We believe there's no such thing as too much support for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to build entrepreneurial capacity in Medicine Hat and help more and more young people realize the amazing opportunities that exist within the city,” says Sookocheff.

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