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Enactus MHC wins Impact Award at regionals

March 15, 2016

Enactus MHC Impact Award

(Image) Back row, left to right: Isaac James, Dean Forbes, Darren Howes, Dalton Ehry, Shelby Meyer
Front Row, left to right: Julaine Leach, Colton Eremenko, Jaymi Roth, Ashley Herrmann, Jay Johnson

On March 4, 2016 Medicine Hat College’s (MHC) Enactus chapter took home the Impact Award for the Scotiabank Youth Empowerment Challenge at the 2016 Enactus Canada Regional Exposition in Calgary, Alberta. The students also received $500 to put towards programming.

The category is designed to highlight projects that empower youth ages 24 and under through education and skills development that will enable them to become successful in their adult years.

Enactus MHC was recognized for its Youth Entrepreneur Program (YEP), an eight week course where members work with Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre and Elm Street School to teach kids basic business skills including managing money, creating a business plan and financial literacy. Eventually the students involved create a prototype and if required ask for a loan to produce the products. The final products are sold in a trade show to family, friends and the community.

“For a lot of the students this experience is an eye opener. They start with the mindset that they can’t do it, and that they won’t succeed, but as we guide them they start to see that they can achieve great things,” says Colton Eremenko, president of Enactus. “This program not only helps them develop business skills but also confidence in themselves.”

This year, Enactus is working with over 210 students and has loaned over $8,000 dollars.

When asked what the highlight of regionals was, Eremenko explains that it was “definitely receiving the award.”

“We knew we are a small team and were competing against large institutions with crazy huge budgets. We didn’t see this as a disadvantage but we definitely were the underdogs, so when we won the award it was so rewarding for our group because we were able to show how much can be accomplished with so few people,” says Eremenko. “We were excited to show the impact we have in the community and on the kids in the program.”

Enactus MHC will be heading to nationals this May in Toronto, Ontario.

Community invited to the Young Entrepreneur Program Trade Show hosted by Enactus

Organic lip balm, custom made jewellry and edible cookie dough are just a few of the products that will be available at the Young Entrepreneur Program Trade Show on March 22, 2016 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Medicine Hat College (MHC). There is no cost to attend.

“This is a really cool event where the kids get to showcase all of their hard work and sell their products,” says Jaymi Roth, Enactus member.  “Everyone is welcome to attend. There will be a large array [80 to 100] good quality products to purchase.”

The program, which is in its fourth year, continues to grow.

“This was the first year that we added the Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Centre, which includes grades 7 and 8,” says Roth. “What they’ve been able to achieve is really impressive, and we are sure that the trade show will be enjoyable for everyone.”

After the trade show, each student will pay back their loan to Enactus MHC, plus a 5% interest charge. The interest charge teaches the kids accountability in personal finances. After this, the students will donate 5% of their profits to a local charity of their choice, and keep the remaining profit.

If you have any questions about the trade show contact Roth at