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MHC’s 50 Acts of College comes to an end

June 27, 2016

Medicine Hat College’s 50th anniversary year has come to a close, and with it, 50 Acts of College. To celebrate this milestone and give back to the community that has supported the college since 1965, employees, family members and friends organized initiatives and participated in projects throughout the year in the name of 50 Acts.

Some Acts were big, others were small. From knitting scarves to welcome international students and collecting donations for Syrian refugees, to packing brown bag lunches for local schools and planting trees on the city’s newly installed berms, college employees were committed to making an impact.

“This was a fun initiative that allowed the college community to celebrate our 50th anniversary and give back to our region in a meaningful way,” says Colleen Graham, marketing and communications manager. “So many college employees stepped up to the plate by organizing or support an ‘act of college’. It wasn’t just the community that benefitted – it was a great way to bring college employees together as well.”

Denise Henning, president and CEO says that she is proud of the efforts and year-long commitment of the staff, faculty and students.

“There was no shortage of ideas that transpired from this initiative. I knew going into it that there was already a culture of giving established at the college but this really emphasized those efforts and provided us new opportunities to engage with the community,” says Henning. “This became more than just a campaign, it gave us a chance to give back at a time when people really needed it.”

Henning mentions that although the campaign has come to an end the college’s support for its students and the region will continue on.

“We are always mindful of responding to the needs of our community, and although it was nice to package them for the 50th, as a regional campus we will continue to seek out opportunities to get involved,” says Henning.

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50 Acts of College