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Students create campaign to help stock the food bank with feminine hygiene products

November 9, 2017

Marketing students at Medicine Hat College (MHC) are shedding light on a local cause. #SupportTheCycle is a campaign that is raising awareness, and encouraging donations of feminine hygiene products to the Medicine Hat and District Food Bank.

Tara Williams, business instructor explains that although a similar campaign was launched last year, the need continues to be apparent.

“Often I will go into the food bank, and when I am there I always ask what they are low on. Five times in a row it was feminine hygiene products.  I knew we needed to do something about this to raise awareness and stock the shelves. My students came up with this year’s campaign and have been helping to get the message out.”

Food Bank

Image above: Tara Williams, business instructor poses with donations made in support of the cause.

Beth Lewis, a student in the class mentions that not only did it provide her real-world experience but also gave her an opportunity to be part of a cause that is pertinent to her peers.

“I think as students, sometimes we are on both sides – we can be giving and we can be receiving. My hope is that this campaign encourages people to do what they can to support the cause whether that be sharing it on social media, making a donation, learning from it or knowing that these resources are available and that there are people here to help.”

The initiative will be running for another week, but Williams is hopeful that the momentum will continue on.  

“We really want to stress that there is an ongoing need. Our campaign slogan is “It’s that time of the month somewhere so #SupportTheCycle”, but women require feminine hygiene products every 28 days, so we need to ensure that people are not going without.”

Williams also stresses that this campaign is also relevant for males.

“Every man has a connection to a woman in their life, so it is important that they not only learn about this issue but also get involved and show their support.”

Anyone interested in getting involved can drop off donations to the food bank or various businesses around Medicine Hat. To help spread the message online, post a photo and tag #SupportTheCycle.