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Student club creates scholarship for science and engineering program

April 20, 2018

Science and Engineering Undergraduate Society

(Image Above) Members of the Science and Engineering Undergraduate Society pose outside of MHC.

Students helping students - one of the reasons, Olivia Pocsik-Tweed and Surina Grover, co-presidents of the Science and Engineering Undergraduate Society (SEUS) and second-year UT science students at Medicine Hat College say motivated the club to create a $1,000 scholarship.

“As a club, we donate money every year, this year we had the idea to give back to students. I know many of us have received some kind of scholarship and we are really appreciative of that help. We just wanted to pass that feeling along,” says Pocsik-Tweed.

Beyond that members of the club hope that the scholarship will be a confidence booster, help with stress and motivate their peers to excel academically.

The criteria for the award focuses on extracurricular activity and involvement in the community. Although there is a GPA cut off, the emphasis is on volunteerism.

“We wanted to encourage leadership in the community. We are involved in a number of fundraisers for organizations like the Health Foundation and Prostate Cancer Foundation, and we support science organizations in the community like PRAXIS. So we know the value of giving back and want to encourage others to do that as well.” says Grover.

The student-run club focuses on providing volunteer opportunities for science and engineering students. They also organize fun activities for members to help alleviate stress. SEUS accepts new members year-round with executive nominations taking place in the fall.

“As a member you get access to lots of great volunteer opportunities. It helps students build connections in the science community and over the course of the year we all bond, so it’s nice to have that support system -especially in the first year,” says Pocsik-Tweed.

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If you are interested in learning about the scholarships available at MHC, visit:

To learn how you can start a scholarship contact Jenna Williams, community relations officer at 403.502.8995 or