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There from the start, RBC’s impact on youth entrepreneurship at MHC grows

February 22, 2018

Seven years ago, RBC invested in the Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) at Medicine Hat College (MHC) in support of students and alumni. Since then, their involvement, and its impact, has grown.

Recently, the financial institution donated $47,500 to go towards growing and sustaining current activities, including the Start-up Company Seminar Series and the Student Start-up Company Pitch Competition. 

“We are thankful to RBC for believing in what we are accomplishing through the EDC. It’s through partnerships like these that we are able to provide our students and alumni with mentorship, access to training, and - in some cases - start-up dollars,” says Christie Dick, entrepreneur advisor with the EDC.

In a report published by the EDC, in 2016/2017 the college provided approximately 84 one-on-one coaching sessions. In addition, seven new companies were created and over 200 current and former students attended one of RBC’s Start-Up Seminars, sessions which teach students financial literacy, entrepreneurship and small business basics. 

According to Dick, these numbers are possible due to the contributions and support of partners like RBC. 

“From the get-go they have been helping us eliminate barriers for entrepreneurs. They get it, they realize that programs like ours aren’t just about creating start-ups but are also about building entrepreneurship into people and preparing them for our new economy,” says Dick.

Beth Lewis, fourth year Bachelor of Business Administration student and youth entrepreneur explains that these programs are providing her the tools to strengthen her jewelry and western apparel business, Rustic Rose.

“I try to take advantage of all of the resources and opportunities available as they all contribute in one way or another to making me a stronger entrepreneur. I find the connections I make and the real-world advice I receive to be the most valuable.”

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