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MHC students and instructor encourage the community to help end period poverty

November 1, 2018

For Tara Williams, business instructor at Medicine Hat College (MHC) raising awareness of period poverty and encouraging her students to get involved is an integral part of her marketing course.

For the past three years, her students have helped to create a tagline for this campaign.

This year, students from the visual communications program contributed by providing a visual identify for the theme: Lady business is your business. 

The campaign was launched on social media, Oct 31 with a challenge for the community to help stock the shelves of the Medicine Hat Food Bank by donating products to various locations including: the food bank, local grocery story collection bins or a participating business with the CHAT 94.5 food drive.

Williams believes that involving her students in community-focused initiatives like this is important to their education and overall awareness.

 “Getting students involved is beneficial for a number of reasons. It provides them a chance to be creative and also utilizes the skills that they learn in the classroom to develop materials and a campaign which they eventually see promoted throughout social media,” says Williams. “They also get to understand the challenges that our community faces and be part of the solution.”

Last year, they raised the equivalent of 5,000 pounds in feminine products for the food bank. Their current goal is to double that.

According to Shelby Meyers, business student at MHC, this project has inspired her to make a difference and to be a voice that educates others about the importance of women’s health.

“I believe it’s important that women's needs are met regardless of their socioeconomic status. Some of the measures women have to take to deal with their periods, such as using a sock or newspaper as a pad, is dangerous to their health,” says Meyers. “Menstruation occurs every month and needs to be thought of with the same importance as hunger. When you donate to the food bank it’s important to recognize the need for feminine products as well as food. It is a staple and a necessity.”

For Kealy Schulze, visual communications student the project enabled her to design for a real-life cause and gave her an opportunity to work with others in her class.

To learn more about this campaign and how you can donate contact Williams at or 403.504.2289. The campaign can also be found online under the hashtags: #ladybusinessisyourbusiness, #padthestats and #bloodypunctual and by joining the Facebook group Teampon.