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MHC’s nursing program scheduled to participate in Rural Skills Day

September 20, 2018

Nursing and paramedic students from Medicine Hat College (MHC) will learn the ropes of rural health care on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at the Bow Island Hospital.

Students will see what it takes to work in a rural hospital. They will be given a tour of the facility, and access to staff and hands-on learning opportunities. Also on-site will be the STARS simulation bus, a mobile emergency room that replicates complex medical conditions.

“Rural nurses are expert generalists. They have a wide-range of skills and know how to do everything from deliver a baby to manage a patient experiencing cardiac arrest,” says JoDee Wentzel, instructor at MHC. “The Rural Skills Day will provide our students the opportunity to learn and really see what it takes to be a health care provider in a rural community.”  

Wentzel, who teaches a rural nursing course, admits that she got the concept for the event from the Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP), a collaborative partnership that advocates for smaller communities throughout Alberta to have greater access to health care.

“They are very supportive of what we are doing and have been eager to get involved. They will be hosting a lunch and information session for us on Rural Skills Day. It’s nice to have partners like RhPAP, the Bow Island Hospital, and the Bow Island Health Foundation come on board and enhance our students’ learning opportunities.”

Wentzel is optimistic that the students will see the benefits of working in a rural hospital and will be eager to pursue this avenue.

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