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MHC budget focuses on students

June 19, 2019

Putting students at the core of decisions has created a balanced $58 million budget with new investment in faculty, key support staff, and a strong drive to ensure the college is meeting the needs of the region, says Kevin Shufflebotham, president & CEO.

“The budget was well in hand when I joined the college in mid-April,” he says. “Our committee focused on strengthening our capacity to serve students and communities, and that is ideal.”

Investments include faculty positions to sustain quality in high demand programs, the launch of the new Aviation Management Certificate, and an advising position to support international initiatives and students. Funding for new program initiatives, announced last year, will continue in 2019-2020.

Other features of the budget include increased focus on health and safety, continued implementation of integrated business systems for financial services, human resources, and student management. Capital investment in teaching, student, and administrative space is expected to be $973,000.

“I’m also pleased that we’ll be working on campus and with people across the region to renew our strategic plan,” he says. “The budget confirms our current direction and commitment to students, but it is important that we look into the region to ensure we’re preparing for the future. It will take time and resources to do that well.”   

Shufflebotham adds that there are signs of change on the horizon as the new provincial government establishes priorities and budgets. “We’re confident that our focus on students and communities is the right thing to do today, and will be so in the future, too. Those strengths will help us evolve to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

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