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MHC announces honorary degree recipient

Parvin Camphor posing outside of Medicine Hat College
June 13, 2019

Medicine Hat College (MHC) is pleased to name Parvin Camphor as the recipient of the 2019 honorary applied baccalaureate degree for her dedicated volunteerism and commitment to inclusion and diversity.

“It is an honour for Medicine Hat College to recognize Parvin Camphor and her passion for furthering our community. Her story of hope and resilience is one that we can all learn from and serves as a reminder of the opportunities we have as Canadians to welcome and embrace others,” says Kevin Shufflebotham, president and CEO of MHC.

As a resident of Medicine Hat for almost 40 years, Camphor has given her time and energy to many organizations including Saamis Immigration, Unisphere, and Worlds of Women Together. Drawing on her own experiences, she has helped integrate hundreds of newcomers into Medicine Hat and encourages long-time residents to celebrate the diversity they bring to the community.

Camphor understands first hand the challenges of starting over in a new country. She fled religious persecution in her home country of Iran at the age of 19 and moved to the Philippines where she earned a degree in clinical lab science. Unable to return to Iran when her refugee status was in question, Camphor was accepted to Canada and arrived in Medicine Hat in the early 1980s.

She studied at MHC where she met her husband, and together they raised three children and ran a successful Brewmaster business. Because of her volunteer efforts and service to the community, she was nominated for the 2017 Samara Everyday Political Citizen Award, and was a finalist for the Medicine Hat Women in Business Inspire Award in 2018. She also received the Medicine Hat Lodge Hometown Hero Award in 2018.

Sandra Moore, MHC alumna and the current dean of business, environment and technology at Norquest College, describes Camphor as a visionary leader who believes in the goodness of people.

 “She inspires people to reach and realize their potential. She motivates people to become involved in their community and engage as volunteers,” says Moore, who led the Camphor’s nomination.

“Above all, Parvin cherishes and values freedom. Her early life experiences have taught her the importance of freedom for all to love who they want to love, practice the religion they want to practice, obtain the education they want to obtain and live peacefully in a safe, secure environment.”

Camphor will accept the honour during the college’s convocation ceremonies on June 14, 2019.

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