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Super T, MHC partnership creates aviation program

MHC, Super T Aviation partner to deliver new program
March 21, 2019

Future pilots have a new opportunity to build aviation careers thanks to a partnership between Super T Aviation Academy and Medicine Hat College.

Students in the collaborative program will take ground school and flight training through Super T, while having the opportunity to earn Aviation Management Certificate through MHC.

“Employers in the aviation industry look for pilots with a mix of practical and academic training,” says Terri Super, president and CEO of Super T Aviation. “We’re more than ready to launch aviation careers with years of experience, a fleet of aircraft, and state-of-the-art flight simulators. It is a natural step for us to connect with MHC to offer enhanced academic background to our students.”

At MHC, students will enrol in two semesters of academic courses, says Dennis Beaudoin, dean of trades and technology.

“We work with industry partners all the time, so it makes good sense for us to expand into aviation with Super T. While on campus, students will enrol in 10 courses such as Communications in the Workplace, Technical Math, Management Theory, and Advanced Meteorology. These all become a good fit for aviation careers,” explains Beaudoin, who is also a licensed private pilot.

While the program formally begins this September, interest in the program is strong. Super T has two students starting flight training, while MHC has received nine applications for the aviation management certificate.

“A unique aspect of our program is the ability for students to begin with no flight experience at all,” says Super. “This offers us the ability to build strong, professional skills and attitudes from day one.”

She notes that graduates of Super T have preferred access to aviation careers through West Jet’s Flightpath program.

The MHC program includes 10 courses over three terms (Fall/Winter/Spring). It is recommended that students take the program over 1.5 or 2 years if they are also completing Super T’s flight training.

Financial aid for the college portion will follow regular MHC processes (it will be eligible to be entered into the database for loans on government approval. As a private, but approved provider of flight training, there is student loan funding and financial aid available for the flight training, but students should contact Super T directly to go through their processes and procedures.


Photo [from left to right]: Wayne Resch, acting president (MHC), Dennis Beaudoin, dean of trades and technology (MHC), Terry Chapman, interim dean of arts, education and business (MHC), Terri Super, president and CEO (Super T Aviation), Les Little, director (Super T Aviation) sign contract for new aviation program at MHC.