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Provincial budget details announced for MHC

February 28, 2020

Following the release of the provincial budget yesterday, Medicine Hat College (MHC) is preparing to address funding shortfalls while continuing to deliver on access and opportunities for students.

The college learned its Campus Alberta Grant will be reduced by 1.7 per cent, or about $540,000, in the coming year according to information provided late Thursday evening. It is expected that funding will continue to decline in coming years in step with the government’s reduction to system-wide funding and shift toward performance targets.

Kevin Shufflebotham, president and CEO of MHC, says the challenge now is to incorporate the known and projected funding decreases to create a budget plan that sustains the college over the next three years.

“The college will work hard to provide the programs and services our region needs to support careers and communities. We must ensure that our neighbours have access to the opportunities they need to build a bright future.”

He adds, “At the same time, we must look to the future. Managed well, and with this budget, we have the opportunity to implement the strategic plan and better align the college to the region.”

The new Investment Management Agreements (IMA), which will define future funding, are expected to provide additional clarity.

“We are committed to serving our students and region and will do our best to minimize the impact on students and ensure they continue to receive the same level of service and support they deserve,” says Shufflebotham, who is working with college leaders to develop an institutional budget plan that aligns with government funding and expectations.