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New curriculum for MHC’s Health Care Aide certificate

June 1, 2020

A new curriculum for the Health Care Aide program at Medicine Hat College (MHC) comes at a time where the profession is needed now more than ever.

The new curriculum was approved last month by Alberta Health, extending the length of the certificate program to eight months and adding a distributed learning option.

“The Health Care Aide program is perfect for students who enjoy hands-on work and have a passion for helping people in what is often one of the most vulnerable time in their lives. It’s a very rewarding and satisfying profession that requires a high level of physical and emotional well-being,” says Torill Hutchinson, health and human services department chair.

Hutchinson explains that the program entails a combination of instruction in the classroom and laboratory, as well as clinical placements. It is offered at both the Medicine Hat and Brooks campuses in a full-time format.

“Our program has done a great job of developing partnerships within the community. It’s important that students be exposed to a variety of different experiences throughout their time in the program, and therefore we ensure that their clinical placement hours are spent within a number of different environments.”

Upon graduation, students may find employment in home care and institutional settings where personal care is delivered, including hospitals, continuing care and assisted living facilities, both private and government community agencies, and working with independent individuals.

Beginning January 2021, students will also have the option to obtain their Health Care Aide certificate via distributed learning, a new opportunity as a result of the updated curriculum.

Sandy Fritz, acting department chair for nursing at MHC, describes the distributed learning program as a blend of online and face-to-face learning.

“The theory portions of the courses will occur online, whereas the lab portions will occur on weekends or times that are scheduled with plenty of advanced notice. The format is designed to givestudents the flexibility they need to achieve their learning outcomes and earn their certificate in a way that works with their schedule.”

Fritz adds that students in the program benefit from high-quality instructors with multifaceted expertise.

“The instructors in this program are excellent. They come from varying backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience to their teaching, along with a strong passion for their profession.”

MHC is now accepting applications for the Fall 2020 intake. To apply, and for additional information on the Health Care Aide program, please click here.