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Community partnership offers free social media conference

May 25, 2020

An online social media conference is currently available at no cost to businesses and non-profits in our region, thanks to a partnership between APEX Southeast Alberta, Medicine Hat and District Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures Entre-Corp and Medicine Hat College (MHC).

The Social Media Conference Webinar Series, presented by Jo(e) Media, runs until June 30, 2020 and teaches on a variety of topics related to best practices of utilizing social media platforms for marketing purposes.

Sandra Milne, regional innovation network coordinator of APEX Southeast Alberta, explains that the sessions are live and offer attendees an interactive learning experience.

“The online conference offers 16 courses per month that build on one another and are on a variety of different social media platforms. The sessions are in a similar format to a Zoom meeting where you can ask the instructor questions throughout the presentation as opposed to it being pre-recorded. It’s a great opportunity to learn from and collaborate with experts in this field.”

Both Milne and Lisa Kowalchuk, executive director of the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce, acknowledge that recent times have shown the critical importance for businesses and organizations to be adaptable and have a strong online presence.

“This social media series is an amazing opportunity for businesses to either launch or refine their social media presence in the midst of COVID-19. These sessions will provide businesses the tools they need to enhance their online presence using the different mainstream platforms and learning about everything from building a content strategy to creating your online voice, all at no cost thanks to generous sponsorship from APEX Southeast Alberta. I encourage businesses to take advantage of this before it’s too late.” says Kowalchuk.

All organizations involved express their gratitude for the partnership between APEX Southeast Alberta, Medicine Hat and District Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures Entre-Corp and MHC, which allows for opportunities such as these to happen in our community on a reoccurring basis.

"Even though this year’s social media conference shifted online, we continually look forward to the opportunity to work with the Chamber, APEX and Entre-Corp to deliver it, as they allow us to reach and connect with a broad audience in our community. The funding that APEX was able to provide and the willingness of Jo(e) Media Inc. to adapt their training has proven to be very valuable," says Erin Ferris, program administrator of MHC’s Continuing Studies.

All businesses and non-profit organizations in southeastern Alberta can access the conference for free here, using the promo code Resilience at checkout.

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