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MHC’s art & design students host grad show online

March 26, 2021

Freeform is the theme for this year’s grad show hosted by Medicine Hat College’s (MHC) Art and Design students.

Celebrating a world that values improvisation, intuition and flexibility the students will showcase their work virtually, and in the One on One Gallery, from Apr. 9 to 23.

Through a partnership with TREX, the show will also be available from July 10 to Aug. 21, at their downtown location.

Projects will explore creative mediums ranging from painting, mixed-media and sculpture to video, animation and augmented reality.

“The show will be hosted on our website in the form of a 3D gallery experience,” says Mell Davison, team manager and student. “People will be able to interact with the art - reading our statements and thoughts. I would really encourage people to leave comments on our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well, that way we can interact with them directly as the artists and see their thoughts.”

Although having to adapt to an online format has come with its challenges it has made the graduating class more creative in their approach, notes Paige Cooper about her cohort.

“It has made us think differently about how to navigate our approach in creating work so that it’s as impactful online as in person – we’ve made the most of the situation we are in. While it’s incredibly unfortunate, we have all become more adaptable and resilient artists because of it.”

For Kira Vlieststra, a member of the graphic design team for the show and student, this experience has brought her closer to her classmates and also encouraged them to utilize their strengths to make the show as impactful as possible.

“It feels so exciting to be a part of this group. We've spent so much time together in this transitional time of our lives, learning from one another and becoming close friends,” says Vlietstra. “We've all seen each other's progress and strong suits, allowing us to better function as a team by understanding where each of us would excel and lead in different areas.”

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