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MHC now offering diploma in humanities and social sciences

March 17, 2021

Medicine Hat College (MHC) is now offering a diploma in humanities and social sciences. The two-year program, available in Fall 2021, provides learners the ability to pursue flexible degree options and develop a variety of transferrable skills for diverse career paths, while empowering them to think creatively and with an inquisitive mind as we broach a new global era.

The key concepts presented allow students to learn how cultural, economic, environmental, political, and social circumstances influence themselves and the world around them. 

The skills they develop range from communications and cultural foundations to humanities and social and behavioral sciences.

Dr. Diane Gall, coordinator and instructor for university transfer humanities and social sciences, explains this program is a way for students to broaden their perspective and bring critical thinking skills to their professional and personal lives.

“This program will enable our students to ask the questions they need in order to understand where we have been as a society and the opportunities that exist for the future. Whether they are taking electives as part of their business diploma or immersed fully in this program, students will gain valuable tools to help them understand how current events, human interaction, and the influence of history impact the decisions we make.”

Graduates from the diploma can pursue entry-level positions in areas like education, community-based services and business settings. Courses are transferrable, allowing students to complete a degree at partner universities. Depending on their major, graduates with a bachelor’s degree can pursue a variety of positions ranging from research and political analyst to communications and marketing strategist.

Gall mentions that with an education in humanities and social sciences the opportunities are vast. The curriculum is created to allow students to cater their courses to their desire career outcome.

“In the first year, students will be able to take courses in all disciplines, whether that’s the performing arts and English or psychology and philosophy. During the whole process, and in particular as they start to find their area of interest our academic advisors, and faculty, will be there to provide guidance to ensure that they are prepared for their future studies or career.”

As part of the program, students will participate in a work-experience. Clayton Bos, interim Dean of Arts, Science, and Education, says this ensures learners not only gain real-world insight but also start creating connections to what they are learning in the classroom and the jobs they will acquire.

“A few of the advantages in attending Medicine Hat College are that we have connections to professionals throughout our community, and are focused on ensuring our programs meet the needs of our learners and our region,” says Bos. “The diverse selection of courses in varied fields of study, in this exciting new offering, encourages students to explore education pathways tailored to their own interests and passions. This diversity combined with small class sizes lends itself to a more personal learning experience.”

For more information on the humanities and social science diploma and to register, visit or contact our academic advising team at