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High school students launch learning opportunities with MHC micro-credentials

November 1, 2021

High school students in Prairie Rose Public Schools have new opportunities to engage in higher learning, thanks to a partnership with Medicine Hat College (MHC).

The college recently announced micro-credentials as part of its program mix, which provide fast, flexible and quality-assured learning in targeted areas of interest and industry. These short-term programs are delivered online and can stand-alone or complement traditional credentials such as certificates, diplomas and degrees.

With this new partnership, Prairie Rose high school students will have access to micro-credentials in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Advanced Pilot Training, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Permaculture Design, and Rainwater Harvesting.

“This is a chance to explore new subject areas and maybe discover a future career path,” says Dr. Reagan Weeks, new superintendent for the school division.“Micro-credentials present an exciting opportunity for our students to test the waters and learn at a different level. We believe there is tremendous value in connecting our students to the college environment and increasing their confidence with the post-secondary system. The more exposure and experiences we can offer our students now, the better prepared they will be for the future.”

She adds the UAV Advanced Pilot Training micro-credential will be the first to launch with Eagle Butte Dave Rozdeba Flight Academy students and Foremost School, in partnership with the Foremost UAS Testing Range.

Upon completion of a micro-credential, learners receive a digital badge that can be easily shared across their social media network, highlighted on their resume, or included in their email signature.

“Employers are looking to address skills gaps now and micro-credentials provide an efficient andtargeted approach to meeting their needs,” says Timothy Spielman, dean for the School of Business and Continuing Studies. “Whether learning in a high school classroom or building additional career capacity as a working professional, the online and flexible delivery of micro-credentials meets learners where they are at in life.”

For more information about micro-credentials, please click here.