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Centre for Innovation brings focus on business growth

January 10, 2023

Medicine Hat College (MHC) officially launched its Centre for Innovation (C4i) this fall to support our regional entrepreneurs and business community with expertise, technology, and space to turn ideas into solutions that support vibrant communities.

Chelsey Ehresman was recently hired as manager of the C4i, and looks forward to her new role in opening doors to opportunities.

“Medicine Hat and region is home to many strong businesses and organizations, each of which grew from the ideas of talented and determined individuals,” says Ehresman. “The focus of the centre is on applied research and working with industry as they continue to innovate, adapt and grow into the future."

Kinetisense Motion Research Lab was the first to access Medicine Hat College space.

Chad Flinn, dean of trades and technology, says the partnership with Medicine Hat-based Kinetisense offers students and faculty the opportunity to engage in a partnership driving innovation in remote health care.

“Kinetisense is a leader in technology and health solutions. Our college community has been working with Kinetisense on some of the innovations they are developing, including the use of robotics,” he says.

Flinn hopes that direct engagement with Kinetisense’s leaders, and researchers at other schools, will provide students with an advantage when looking for work, and the inspiration to pursue their own innovations and business goals. “It is a win-win-win for all involved.”

Ehresman is excited about the opportunities the new year will hold for the Centre for Innovation.

“Medicine Hat College has much to offer. With this new space, we’re bringing like-minded people together from the community and the campus to create an environment where people learn from and support each other.”

C4i is ready to support new pilot projects. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Chelsey at