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Meet the Executive Team

Kevin Shufflebotham, President    

Mr. Kevin Shufflebotham,
President & CEO


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presidential installation.

VP Finance 

Mr. Wayne Resch,
Vice-President, Administration & Finance


Terry Chapman, Interim VPA

Terry Chapman,
Provost and Vice-President Academic


College Leadership Council

College Leadership Council (CLC) designs and implements operational plans to achieve the ends and outcomes defined by the Board of Governors, as well as the goals of the strategic plan. College Leadership Council includes members who, as a group, provide a broad perspective from all sectors of the college. 

College Leadership Council meets on the first Tuesday of the month.

Academic Leadership Council

Academic Leadership Council (ALC) is a planning and advisory committee responsible to the vice-president academic. Academic Leadership Council’s role is to offer guidance and advice on a broad range of academic matters including programs, policies and procedures, as well as student services and supports. While striving to be visionary and generative in the advice it provides, Academic Leadership Council is action-and-outcomes oriented, setting the pace for academic activity, creating the architecture for the academic structures and processes, and providing oversight of academic operations and affairs.

Academic Leadership Council meets monthly through the fall and winter semesters.

General Academic Council

Alberta’s Post-secondary Learning Act provides General Academic Council (GAC) with the mandate to advise the Board of Governors, through the President, on matters the Board refers to the GAC, or on other matters the GAC considers advisable, such as academic priorities, academic planning, academic programming and the college calendar.

General Academic Council meets monthly through the fall and winter semesters.