About MHC


Right of Access to Information

This means you or any member of the public, including the media, must have free access to MHC records. The traditional red "Confidential" stamp applied to proposals or meeting minutes is absolutely meaningless from a FOIP perspective.

This does not imply that there is no confidentiality under FOIP. In fact, there are many reasons that MHC may legally withhold information. For example, the working documents and proposals leading to the development of MHC's annual budget document can be considered "advice from officials" and held in confidence. The final results of budget discussions, however, cannot be considered confidential.

The right of access to information also has implications for other organizations doing business with MHC. Partner organizations may, through contractual agreements, create or share records with MHC. In most cases, the records also become part of the information available about MHC through FOIP.