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Policies and Procedures

Medicine Hat College is currently in the process of reviewing and revising all of its operational policies. While this review is underway, all approved policies are listed on this site. All newly approved policies will be linked to. All previously approved policies, or the procedures specific to any of the listed policies, may be requested by contacting the college's policy analyst at PolicyAnalyst@mhc.ab.ca or at 403.504.2286.

In addition to reviewing and revising all MHC operational policies, a policy framework has been developed.

General Administration

Department Policies & Procedures

Community Engagement & Communications

Research, Scholarship & Copyright

RE-01 Survey

9.2 Integrity in Research and Scholarship

9.3 Research Conflict of Interest and Mandatory Exposure
9.4 Applied Research

9.5 Intellectual Property and Copyright

9.6 Copyright Compliance
9.7 Ethical Conduct for Research involving Human Participants
9.8 Invention Disclosure and Assignment
FL-01 Facility Bookings
Appendix A - Media Equipment Use
FL-02 Catering Services Attachment A: External Food Release of Liability
FL-03 Parking FL-03 - Appendix A
FL-03 - Appendix B (Brooks)
3.1 Facility Access and Usage
3.4 Lockers
3.5 Posters, Notices, and Banners
3.8 Vehicle Use for College Business
3.10 Flag Protocol  
FN-01 Travel and Expenses

PR-FN-01-01 Travel and Expenses

 Appendix A - Travel Claim Example

 Appendix B - Rate Schedule Domestic and US

 Appendix C - Rate Schedule International

 Appendix D - Lost Receipt Declaration

FN-02 Purchasing  

4.1 Partnerships with External Organizations

4.2 Cash Collection and Deposits
4.3 Credit Tuition and Mandatory Fees
4.4 Duplication/Photocopying Services- Use and Charges
4.5 Petty Cash
4.7 Purchasing Cards
4.8 Retail Vendors and Retail Space on MHC Property
4.9 Asset Capitalization  

4.10 Net Assets

4.11 Disposal of Assets  
4.13 Hosting Expenses  
4.15 Expense Advance to Employees  
4.16 International Travel  
4.17 Signing Authority & Limitations  
HS-01 Occupational Health & Safety  
HS-02 Smoke Free Environment
HS-03 Alcohol Management

HS-03 Attachment A -Alcohol Risk Assessment Form

HS-03 Attachment B - Emergency Response Action Plan

6.1 Emergency Management
6.2 Safety Footwear Subsidy
6.3 Personal Protective Equipment Policy and Procedures
6.6 Fall Protection
6.7 Hearing Conservation Program
6.8 Weapons and Controlled Materials
6.9 Working Alone  

HR-01 Respectful Work and Learning Environment

PR-HR-01-01 Respectful Work and Learning Environment Complaint Resolution

PR-HR-01-01 Attachment A: RWLE Complaint Form

PR-HR-01-02 RWLE Student Informal Complaint Resolution

PR-HR-01-02 Attachment A: Student Informal Complaint Resolution Form

HR-02 Employee Recognition
HR-03 Disclosure Protection PR-HR-03-01 Disclosure of Wrongdoings
HR-05 Workplace Relationships
HR-06 Employee Relocation Assistance
HR-07 Phased Retirement PR-HR-07-01 Phased Retirement
HR-08 Staff Training and Development
HR-09 Substance Use PR-HR-09-01 Substance Use Management
HR-10 Code of Conduct HR-10 Code of Conduct Appendix

HR-10 Attachment A Code of Conduct Disclosure Form
HR-11 Employee Personal Computer Purchase Plan  
HR-12 Flexible Work
HR-14 Employment Recruitment
Appendix A: Police Information Check
Appendix B: Employment Interview Expense
7.1 Personnel Record  
7.2 Personal Information and Privacy  
7.3 Payroll Processing  
7.5 Employee Benefits - Supplementary Employment Insurance Benefit Program (S.E.I.B. Program)  
7.6 Local Authorities Pension Participation  
7.7 Vacation  
7.8 Reporting Absences  
7.9 Telework  
7.10 Tuition Waivers  
7.13 Employment Recruitment & Hiring Procedures  
7.16 Resignation or Retirement Notice  
7.17 Employee Planning and Performance Appraisal – Support Staff  
7.19 Status Change for Faculty  
7.20 Recognizing Academic Qualifications for Faculty  
7.21 Deferred Salary Leave Program  
7.24 Political Candidacy of Employees  
IT-01 Mobile IT Connectivity IT-01 Mobile IT Connectivity Appendix A
PR-IT-01-01 Mobile IT Connectivity Procedure
IT-02 Electronic Information Storage, Access and Transport
 Appendix A - Electronic Information Storage Access and Transport Table
8.1 Email Usage  
8.3 Information Technology Email Communication Standard
8.4 Internet Policy Compliance
8.6 Information Technology Acceptable Use
8.7 Information Technology Student Guidelines
8.10 Information Technology System Account Passwords
8.11 Information Technology Access and Protection
8.12 Allocation of Micro Computers  
8.13 Video Surveillance and Use of Recorded Images  

Research Data Management (RDM)

Medicine Hat College is in the early stages of assessing and creating policies, processes, services, and resources to enable researchers to manage their research data to the highest standards and to ensure the college meets the requirements set forth by the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy. Development of an RDM Strategy is connected to the MHC Strategic Plan 2020-2030 where collaboration on relevant research and innovation in the region is a high-level goal.

View RDM Draft Strategy

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