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Auditor General releases report on international education

July 9, 2013

The Auditor General of Alberta released a review of the operations of Medicine Hat College’s International Education department today. The audit found that the college does not have effective systems to deliver international programming and manage its risks appropriately.

“The faculty and staff at Medicine Hat College care deeply about students, the quality of their work, and the reputation of the institution. We take this report very seriously and are focused on addressing its findings,” said Don Bruce, chair of the college’s Board of Governors.

MHC is taking action to correct issues identified in the report. To date, the college has suspended further student intakes at Chinese partner institutions, placed a moratorium on new international activity, and continues to investigate the extent of misalignment between the college’s regular academic processes and those in place in China - a first step toward addressing quality concerns raised by the audit.

In the short term, MHC is working to gather additional data on students and programs at international institutions, develop strategies to ensure existing students and programs are provided with appropriate oversight and quality assurance steps, and engage legal support to ensure the college is 100 per cent compliant with relevant Canadian and Chinese laws.

By the end of October, a complete review of all international business processes will be complete with modifications made as required. Longer term actions include a review of all academic and business processes at the college, the development of a strategic plan for future international operations, and the continued implementation of enterprise risk management processes.

“We are working proactively to address the issues identified in the audit and provide open and transparent communications,” said Bruce. “Medicine Hat College will continue to focus on delivering quality education and training programs for all of its students.”