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Provincial budget is positive for MHC

October 28, 2015

“The government is supporting students by ensuring tuition remains affordable, and student loans are available. That’s good news for people developing career skills, and for the companies that look to MHC to provide capable employees,” said Denise Henning, president and CEO.

She also noted that the college’s ability to plan and develop new programs and services will be supported with a move toward stable, sustainable funding models.

The budget presented yesterday includes a two-year tuition freeze for students, an increase in base funding to institutions, and boosts to student loans and scholarships.

Wayne Resch, vice-president administration & finance, said that the college has established plans to put the increased funding to work. “The budget confirms what we’ve known for some time; MHC has an opportunity to re-invest in its operations in the coming year.”

He added the five priority areas include investing in the development and wellness of people, information technology infrastructure, facility maintenance, instructional support, and innovation.

“There are many examples of what we will be able to achieve with this funding,” he said.

People: Supporting access to and affordability of campus wellness programs.
Instructional Support:
Upkeep and renewal of key instructional assets for example the simulation mannequins in the Division of Science and Health.
IT Infrastructure:
Ensuring the college keeps pace with demand for wireless and online activity.
Facility renewal:
Investing to ensure our facilities are well maintained, and prepared for future growth.
Renewed focus on entrepreneurship and partnerships with the private sector.

Henning noted that education is a powerful asset that helps individuals and communities solve problems and reach for new opportunities. “I’m grateful that the provincial government is standing shoulder to shoulder with us on our journey.”