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On Campus: Yes Really

February 19, 2015
Written by Mark Keller, director of college advancement
Featured in"On Campus" in the Medicine Hat News

Yes. You. Really. Can. Visit. Campus. We mean it!

The college is hosting the annual job fair next week and we’re confronting one of our ongoing communications challenges.

We say there will be 50 or so employers attending, that the public is welcome to attend, and that this is a great opportunity to talk about jobs. But, oddly enough, we have trouble convincing the “public” that “welcome to attend” really does mean anyone can drift by to visit and shop for jobs.

So, at this risk of being repetitive, you really can visit the campus for the job fair on February 25 between 10 am and 3 pm. We’d be happy to see you.

I do hear the occasional grumble about parking, that spots are hard to find for example, and that we charge for the service. But really, parking can be found, it is only four bucks for the day, and there is a bus stop right outside the main doors if that works better.

If you’ve not been to campus before, just look for the four flag poles and use those doors. There’s an information desk with friendly people who can help you find your way.   

While you’re here, I encourage you to stroll about and check out a few other things you can do on campus.

You can visit the Vera Bracken Library, for example. And this would be a great time to visit because of an innovation called “makerspaceYXH.” Launching for the first time between February 19 and 27, makerspace offers you an opportunity to get hands on with creative people and new technologies.

Topics include Quadcopter Revolution, 3D Scanning for the Masses, Home Automation, Biohackers and Do It Yourself Biology, Intellectual Property, DIY Digitization, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing and Motorcycle Mechanics, and more.

The full schedule is on the college website. Just search makerspace and you’ll get access to speakers, topics, times, and places. The letters YXH—the city’s airport code—is a sign that makerspace belongs to the entire community.

Another example of the college hosting the community comes this week as teachers from all over Southeastern Alberta will be on campus this week for the annual Alberta Teacher’s Association convention. It is always great to have the teachers on campus, and the trade show is fun to see, too.

The college is one of the few local venues that has the capacity to host such a large group, an asset we’ll be making more use of in the future.

In the meantime, please do visit. Grab a coffee. Check out a Rattlers game. Walk the halls. This is your campus.