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On Campus: We heart convocation

June 11, 2015
Written by Mark Keller, director of college advancement
Featured in"On Campus" in the Medicine Hat News

When over 500 Medicine Hat College graduates crossed the stage at convocation last week there was applause, loud shouts of joy, and probably more than a few tears shed in the audience.

And I’m just talking about the reactions of Medicine Hat College faculty and staff.  You see, convocation is kind of a big deal on campus.

Look at it this way. When the city team looks at the new flood-safe berms, they’re probably proud of their contribution to community security. When the Box Springs business group see the Canalta Centre growing, I’m willing to bet they have a sense of accomplishment and anticipation.

I could offer dozens more examples, but I’m sure the point is clear.

Medicine Hat College strengthens the future by building the human capacity of south east Alberta. When people on campus witness convocation ceremonies, they have rightful pride in their contribution to individual students and the community as a whole.

Graduation exercises remind us that a new generation of learners is ready to take their place on the job, to earn, to grow, to build, and to dream. That’s really what we’re celebrating at Convocation.

And there are so many ways that this year’s graduates will touch our lives.

A quick scan of the convocation program tells the story. Graduates are already taking jobs in the health sector. You could encounter our graduates in your doctor’s office, and the hospital, in a private rehabilitation clinic, and should you ever need emergency support, our paramedics may answer your call.

Are you in business for yourself? So are our grads. Some are building the enterprises already, bolstered by the exposure they’ve had to entrepreneurial thinking on campus. Other grads are available to support your business as accountants, marketers, and managers in a wide range of business and industries.

If you have a technical twist in life, you’ll encounter MHC grads in the trades, designing homes, building homes, and of course, working with the ever increasing level of automation and technology in our lives.

There are so many interesting possibilities if you pause and think optimistically about the future.

For example, a student that completed her education degree this spring might be the first teacher a youngster encounters next fall. I can imagine the moment; Grade One student meets freshman teacher, both full of energy, hope, and excitement.

Or a university transfer student leaving home to take on the challenges of independence in a new city, but prepared with the confidence that he can and will succeed, because, after all, he gained all the assurance needed on our campus.

Convocation is done for the year, but there is good news. We get to cheer again in just 12 months.