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St. Mary’s School joins visual and performing arts scene at MHC

November 2, 2015

For Karoline Fox, interim manager of visual and performing arts at Medicine Hat College (MHC) the new partnership between the college and Medicine Hat Catholic Schools is another step forward on a pathway to facilitating lifelong learning on campus.

Once a week, students from the St. Mary’s Fine Arts Academy (grades 7-9) will be using the first-class facilities at the Cultural Centre to evolve their skills in art, drama, music and dance.

“At every turn, the students had a high-level of excitement. They entered the Black Box Theatre and you could hear the “oohs and aahs”. They also got to see the painting studio which is part of the new visual communications building. You could tell they were thrilled to be here,” says Fox.

St. Mary’s School art teacher, Christina Remeikis agrees with Fox saying that the students are not only excited but feel privileged to be in a professional art environment.

“The college creates an atmosphere that helps students feel more artistically creative. It seems more legit to them when they see students much older than them doing all kinds of different techniques in art. It’s truly the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” says Remeikis.

Fox added that being able to share the space with a younger group has been refreshing, and aligns with the college’s vision to be a multi-generational learning institution.

“It’s great to be able to share our space with young people and give them a taste of what college life is like. We have a number of generations all learning under one roof, and there is something truly special about that,” says Fox.

Dr. Denise Henning, president and CEO says she’s excited about this new partnership.

“The college is moving towards being a center for arts in the region. Opening up our doors to organizations like St. Mary’s is one of the ways in which we’re on the path to achieving that,” says Dr. Henning. “We look forward to exploring similar opportunities with other groups in the community.”

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About St. Mary’s Fine Arts Academy
The fine arts academy program at St. Mary’s school attracts students from all over the city and surrounding area. The programming emphasis is on enriching a students’ experience in performing and visual arts. Our program meets the needs of many students, in particular; those students who enjoy the fine arts but are not considering it as a career option; and those students who are very involved in the fine arts and may be considering it as a career option. The program is open to all students, and all academy programming is taught by highly qualified experienced and certified teachers.

The five disciplines offered are choral/singing, drama, band, dance and art.

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Art Teacher
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