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Medicine Hat College reports a seven percent increase in enrolment

September 28, 2016

Medicine Hat College’s (MHC) enrolment reached 2,540 as of September 21, 2016, which was the final day that students could add or drop classes.

According to Sandy Henderson, registrar, this seven percent increase from 2015 can be attributed to a few things. 

“Certainly the economy had an impact as learners were seeking new skills. However, we also launched a marketing campaign, which debunked some myths about post-secondary education; have focused on new recruitment tactics; and are continuing to add support services that cater to all learners.”

Henderson mentions that many areas are experiencing higher enrolment, including upgrading and general studies, and that some of the more traditional programs are actually at full capacity, including business administration, criminal justice, nursing and the education degree offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

“We noticed that a higher number of students are here to upgrade or pick up a couple classes that are required for some of our programs,” says Henderson. “I think overall people are looking for a change and we’re happy that we are able to accommodate and facilitate that for students.”

The college is continuing to pursue ways to ensure that the programming and services offered meet the needs of the region.

“We are really focused on attracting and retaining our future learners through a variety of tactics. For example we are looking at ways to offer programming in a flexible format may that be through continuing studies or distance learning. We are also partnering with our local school districts to ensure we are creating easy pathways into post-secondary,” says Henderson.

Retention is also a large focus for the college.

“To us it isn’t just about filling the seats, but also ensuring that the programs our students are enrolled in match their goals, and that they feel supported while on campus,” says Henderson. “To help achieve this we have recently added an indigenous support specialist, academic strategist and writing specialist.”

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