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Spectra Energy continues to support students

January 20, 2017

Spectra Energy has a history of supporting the communities where their employees work.

Medicine Hat College (MHC) has received donations towards student scholarships, program enhancements and new training equipment from Spectra Energy since 2011. These investments help support and train the next generation of the workforce.

This year’s gift of $2,500 will be used as direct scholarships to students in MHC’s electrician program.

“School is becoming more expensive all the time, and if by making these donations Spectra Energy can make it easier for students who excel in these programs, then I believe we are doing our job.” says Lyle Golby, land and public awareness agent for Spectra Energy. “In trades, there is still no education like actually doing the work, so if we can supply some equipment and training for students so that they are more prepared for full time employment, it makes all the difference. It makes the transition for the students that much easier when they get out to the real workplace.”

Industry has a big role to play in trade training and apprenticeships. According to Dennis Beaudoin, dean of trades & technology, industry partnerships are very important to our college programs. Donors like Spectra are where our students are going to work. Without this kind of industry support for our students we could not be successful in training them.

 “The electrical program and our students will definitely benefit from this gift,” says Joe Grove, coordinator of the electrical program. “Going to school is a financial strain, so providing scholarships helps students who need it.”

While the energy industry has been struggling, Golby says that giving back to smaller projects is still very important to Spectra Energy. “Budgets have been cut, but wherever possible we still want to support all the projects we have in the past, and I’m happy Spectra Energy can continue to make this donation. The college and the students seem to appreciate whatever we can do.”

Throughout the 2015-16 academic year over 300 Medicine Hat College students were supported with over $434,000 in MHC awards. Anyone interested in helping support students through scholarships are encouraged to contact the MHC Foundation to learn about the opportunities available to invest in our students, our college and our community.

Learn more by contacting Linda Tooth, manager, fund development ( or 403-529-3897), or Jenna Williams, community relations officer ( or 403- 502-8995).