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Grasslands, Medicine Hat College establish partnership

May 12, 2021

Local learners seeking opportunities to complete high school and enter post-secondary programs now have a new pathway to the future with Sunrise Collegiate, a collaborative effort between Grasslands Public Schools (GPSD6) and Medicine Hat College (MHC).

Starting next fall, high school courses for outreach learners and students preparing for college will be delivered by Sunrise Collegiate located on the Brooks campus. Not only does this initiative offer flexible distance and personalized academic support for outreach students and adult learners, it also provides efficiencies for its education partners.  

“The creation of Sunrise Collegiate is a positive step for Grasslands Public Schools and a great opportunity for students,” says Superintendent Scott Brandt. “Sunrise Collegiate will be a great addition and complement to Sunrise School where we will continue to operate our alternative grades 7-12 onsite classrooms.  

“Sunrise Collegiate is an innovative approach for our distance education program and will use a combination of modular/online learning approaches, as well as in-person tutorials and support on the Brooks campus with MHC.”   

MHC president & CEO Kevin Shufflebotham says the partnership is ideal for students and the college.  

“We’re focused on the needs of students and communities. Collaboration and creative approaches are the best way we can expand access to learning in the region to ensure people have the skills and knowledge they need to build careers,” he says. “The college launched a similar initiative in Medicine Hat last year and we’ve seen positive results from enhanced collaboration with the students, teachers, and school systems. We’re creating clear pathways for students to pursue their goals, and the experience will help students feel comfortable on campus, and confident in their pursuit of higher education as a result.”  

Sunrise Collegiate was discussed by the Grasslands Board on May 10, 2021 and more information will be shared in the coming weeks.  

“We know we have details to manage before we welcome students next fall but we’re strong partners with the needs of students at heart,” says Brandt. “On campus in Brooks, students will have access to the same services and supports available to college students.”  

“Medicine Hat College is committed to the needs of learners in Brooks and Newell County,” says Shufflebotham. “This collaboration demonstrates that support and is a step toward a bright future for the Brooks Campus.”  

For those interested in applying to Sunrise Collegiate for Fall 2021, please contact academic advising.